Stone Imagery
Design and Engraving

We specialize in Stone / Rock Engraving
water jet cut stone and steel letter forms and Print Media Design


Engraved panels may serve as hands-on exhibits, interpretive signage and enhance development programs through donor recognition. Engraved stone provides not only a story but a sense of wonder and permanence as one touches the cut edges of solid rock. A black and white historic photograph engraved in granite is displayed with an elegance and durability only nature can provide. Nature has many beautiful substrates for engraving, each making a deep connection to the surrounding environment. As an interpretive message, a monument of recognition or a memorial to persons, events or nature, engraved stone becomes a work of art.

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A Few Details
Textual information regarding the process and use of engraved stone.

The average cost of a completed project is $125 to $250 per square foot. Small trail signs, plant identification, or recognition plaques begin at 87¢ per square inch for any size which fits your design needs. A wide variety of stone is available to compliment your setting.

We encourage the use of mixed media in presenting interpretive or development programs. Mixing engraved stone with full color panels of high pressure laminates can bring great detail and beauty to your project. We also are very creative with metals and water jet cut stone as supporting elements in signage projects. Please take a look at some of these examples listed below.

Logandale Project: Engraved ambar limestone panels with high pressure laminate full color inset panels that are removable for updating information in the furture. Signs are supported by heavy steel frames with a rust patina.

Eastlake Trails Project: These images show the use of large 14" stone letters incorporated into monument signage.

California State University of San Marcos: Development project featuring engraved stone tiles.

Universal Signage: Mixing steel letter forms, chipped edge granite and stone tile along with bent engraved aluminum for an elegant signage solution.

Raw finish or powder-coated steel stands are available for all signage and are priced
according to quantity. Bronze and stainless steel mounting bolts are also available.

A pdf file of three engraving advertisements . (700k)

Some of our Clients

8" x 10" Photo sheet
Images of engraved stone signage, architectural elements and donor programs.

Engraved stone used as an accent in a stone tile wall for the restrooms at the
San Diego Wild Animal Park

Engraved grey granite panel from a series of panels outside Aspen, Colorado near Independence Pass

Large engraved limestone panel at the Polar Bear exhibit in the San Diego Zoo

Examples of small plant signage and recognition plaques

Marble Panda plaque

Photo engraved recognition plaque at the Panda Exhibit

Photo engraved plaque of Anna and Arusha

Reversed engraved black granite

4" x 4" engraved limestone

Award in French Corton Limestone with an engraved crystal

Prewalski's Wild Horse

Aluminum Rubbing Station with engraved stone panel inserts

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